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Enginn heeft als missie om een springplank te bieden aan startende, innovatieve om hun producten en diensten versneld en op grote schaal te ontplooien. Dit doen we door startende bedrijven te verbinden aan bedrijven in de gemeente Haarlemmermeer, waar de gehele regio Schiphol onder valt. Ook bieden we een fysieke werklocatie.

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Verbinden, Haarlemmermeer,

Support, Extensive Network,
Access to the market


Our goal is to support sustainable startups in their access to the market and achieve scale. We do this together with our Founding Fathers who created Enginn to accelerate the transition to a Sustainable, Circular Economy within the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. With their help and extensive network, we bring starting innovative entrepreneurs in touch with potential partners and customers. We assist with matters concerning business plans, product protection, strategy development, legal and tax issues and financing. This does not happen from a fixed incubation programme; we facilitate where desired.

Who are we looking for?

We focus on sustainable, innovative start-ups that contribute to the development of a Circular Economy. These can be recent graduates, entrepreneurs in the pre-commercial phase, (just) started small businesses that are experiencing rapid growth and new business models of existing organizations. In all cases, the primary business is sustainability and the initiatives are innovative and/or scalable.

Wie zoeken we

Starting entrepreneurs,
Sustainability, Upscaling

What do we offer?

Matchmaking with our partners and the opportunities within the Schiphol region are central to Enginn. Startups have short lines with inspiring companies with whom knowledge of innovations, techniques and the region can be exchanged. We also provide flexible, high-quality workplaces with representative reception areas.


New businesses in the sustainable and innovative angle work side by side in Enginn, enabling promising cross-pollination occur.

Together with our Founding Fathers and The Enginneers Enginn is working to make the Haarlemmermeer a test and demo ground for developments that accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Matchmaking, Workplaces,

Wat bieden we?

Founding Fathers

Enginn is a joint initiative of various companies and organizations in the Schiphol region. Together they create an environment where the hole is sealed between large, established companies and innovative, often small startups. The Enginn founders are the creators of a future that is an ambitious and inspiring response to the challenges of our time. Our Founding Fathers also provide their expertise in support of things that every entrepreneur has to deal with.

Founding Fathers

and Ambitions